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fioreitaliano ([personal profile] fioreitaliano) wrote2010-12-02 12:44 am
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Strange Dreams on a Rainy Day

 Today was kind of a weird day. I haven't been sleeping well lately because I've been staying up late to watch tv. I got back into the habit of it over Thanksgiving, and even though I was sleep deprived then, it didn't matter because I didn't have to go to class. But now that I have to go to class again, it's bad. So I took a nice, long nap after class, and I had the strangest dream. I was really tired, so it didn't take very long to fall asleep. At first, I don't know what I dreamed, but then later I thought my roommates were trying to wake me up. I struggled and struggled to wake up, and then I finally did (for real). It was actually really hard for me to open my eyes or move at all, which is weird. Then, as I was falling back asleep, I felt a sensation of going down on the bed, but then it felt like I went through the bed, then the floor, then the ground. I felt rather like a ghost. This actually happened a couple times, I guess every time I shifted in the bed.

Then I dreamed that I was having a conversation with my parents about shows by Joss Whedon. Apparently, they were fans. But that's probably just because I've been watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel lately.

Now I have to go write a paper and get no sleep. 'Night.

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