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fioreitaliano ([personal profile] fioreitaliano) wrote2010-10-24 11:42 pm
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Well, this is my first post, which no one will ever see most likely. So, I'm just gonna play around with lj. That okay with you, imaginary friend? Of course it is.

Hopefully the cut works. Well, this journal will mostly be used for fandom stuff and random things about which I wish to rant. Or share.

Like today, I watched The Magic School Bus with my roomies today, which was lovely and filled me with nostalgia. Also, I found someone's shared iTunes that is filled with classical music, which filled me with joy. I swear he has every piece Bach ever composed. I was geeking out to my roommate, and of course she made fun of me, but that's okay.

Well, now I'm off to do my homework that I've put off until now.